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Congratulations to all the Premiership teams in SA Rugby's 2009 season, and also to our own 3rd XV who didn't come home with the flag but who played a great game nonetheless.

Women's XV - Port/Burnside 15 v Souths 12

4th XV - Burnside 35 v Brighton 17

Colts - Onkaparinga 38 v Brighton 3

3rd XV - Brighton 20 v Old Collegians 12

2nd XV - Brighton 13 v Port Adelaide 15

1st XV - Brighton 44 v Burnside 12



3rd XV: OC 17 v Onkaparinga 5;
Tries: Will McLeay, Paull Francis;
Conv: Mike Otty (2) Pen: Mike Otty

Women's XV: OC 7 v Souths 39;
Try: Lusia Raikiwasa
Conv: Tara Naige


5th September

Old Collegians 22 v Woodville 12
Tries: Alfy Carlson (2), Rob Sadler, Will McLeay;
Conv: Graham Raymond

U18s: Old Collegians 18 v Brighton 20

Congratulations to our Colts on a good season and a truly great semi-final; we played very well and we were unlucky not to win.


29th August

1st XV: Old Collegians 0 v Brighton 44; Best Players: Jon Collins, Tim Wonders, Christian Tedge, Paul Reynolds

2nd XV: Old Collegians 0 v Brighton 7; Best Players: Ryan Nielsen, Wayne Power, Andrew Burgess

3rd XV: Old Collegians 0 v Brighton 20; Best Players: Andrew Ory, Charlie Neate, Alfy Carlson

Women's XV: Old Collegians 12 v Souths 27; Tries: Alyce Brewis and someone else. Possibly Sarah Mitchelson; Conversion: Liz Gabb; Best Players: Lusia Raikiwasa, Liz Gabb, Amy Perfors

4th XV: Old Collegians forfeit

U18s: Old Collegians 12 v Brighton 0

U16s: : Old Collegians 5 v Brighton 50

U12s: Old Collegians o v Brighton 29

U10s: : Old Collegians 16 v Brighton 12


22nd August

1st XV - Port Adelaide 25 v Old Collegians 22
Tries: Stewart Douglas (3), Peter Cross (1); Conv: Juan Pablo Aguiar (1); Best Players: Stewart Douglas, Christian Tedge, Paul Reynolds

2nd XV - Port 17 v Old Collegians 15
Tries: Robbie Bell (2), Ben Maggs (1): Best Players: Wayne Power, John Muchan, Ben Maggs

3rd XV - North Torrens v Old Collegians 59
Tries: Owen Osborne (1), Rob Porteous (2), Alfy Carlson (4), Marc Fullager (2); Convs: Leighton Edwards (7); Best Players: Owen Osborne, Alfy Carlson, Brendan Long

4th VX - forfeited to Port

Women: Port Adelaide/Burnside 40 v Old Collegians 0; Best Players: Lusia Raikiwasa, Tara Naige, Kate Reynolds

U18 - Elizabeth 0 v Old Collegians 60

U16 - Elizabeth 0 v Old Collegians 58

U14 - Old Collegians forfeit t0 Elizabeth

U12 - OC's 39 v Adelaide Uni 0 v Old Collegians 39

U10 - OC's 40 v Elizabeth 10 v Old Collegians 40

U8 - Elizabeth 20 v Old Collegians 35


15th August

Premier: BYE
Reserves: Barossa Rams 33 v Old Collegians 0, at Lyndoch; Best Player: Tom Alexander
3rds: Old Collegians 25 v Brighton 32, at Tregenza
4ths: Barossa Rams 35 v Old Collegians 22, at Lyndoch
Women: BYE
Under 18s: Old Collegians 14 v Onkaparinga 43, at Tregenza
Under 16s: Old Collegians 0 v Onkaparinga 41, at Tregenza
Under 14s: Barossa Rams 66 v Old Collegians 24, at Lyndoch
Under 12s: Old Collegians 0 v Onkaparinga 51, at Tregenza


8th August

1st XV: Old Collegians 17 v Burnside 47
Tries: Leigh Rebbeck, Paul Reynolds, Chris Bartlett Conv: Juan Pablo Aguiar
Best Players: Alex Berce, Paul Reynolds, Chris Bartlett

2nd XV: Old Collegians 22 v Burnside 32
Tries: John Muchan, Thomas, Alexander (2) Conv: Todd Grant
Best Players: Tom Alexander, John Muchan, Todd Grant

3rd XV: Old Collegians 10 v Elizabeth 5
Tries: John Gill, Tony Mills
Best Players: John Gill, Will McLeay, Shane Roberts

4th XV: Old Collegians 0 v Burnside 81
Best Players: Jarrod White, Peter Policki, Michael Manuel

U18s: Old Collegians 24 v Brighton 27

U16s: Old Collegians 0 v Brighton 68

U14s: Old Collegians 20 v Barossa Rams 15

U12s: Old Collegians 10 v Brighton 25


1st August

1st XV: Southern Suburbs 12 v Old Collegians 25
Tries: Christian Tedge
Conversion & Penalty: Juan Pablo Aguiar
Best Player: Charlie Neate

2nd XV: Southern Suburbs 12 v Old Collegians 53

3rd XV: North Torrens 7 v Old Collegians 55

Women's XV: Port Burnside 15 v Old Collegians 5
Try: Sarah Mitchelson

U18s: Souths/Burnside 24 v Old Collegians 15

U16s: Burnside 78 v Old Collegians 0

U14s: Burnside 39 v Old Collegians 0

U12s: Burnside 20 v Old Collegians 0


25th July

Old Collegians 2 tries v Elizabeth 3 tries
Old Collegians 3 tries v University 4 tries

Old Collegians 15 v University 5
Old Collegians 30 v Elizabeth 5

U12s Old Collegians 49 v University 12

U14s Old Collegians 10 v Elisabeth 59

U16s Old Collegians 54 v Elizabeth 0

U18s Old Collegians 15 v Brighton 33

Women's XV
Old Collegians 69 v Adelaide University 0;
Tries: Kate Reynolds (7), Tara Naige (2), Lusia Raikiwasa, Geraldine Hease;
Conversions: Tara Naige (7);
Best Players: Bec Manson, Liz Gabb, Candy Daniel

4th XV - forfeit by Old Collegians

3rd XV
Old Collegians 43 v North Torrens 5;
Tries: Will McLeay (3), Justin Elder (2), Rob Sadler, Lenny Eilers
Conversions: Paull Francis (4)
Best Players: Alfy Carlson, Owen Osborne, Rob Sadler
College Cup: Will McLeay

2nd XV
Old Collegians 45 v Adelaide University 15
Tries: Charlie Neate, Todd Grant (2), Ben Maggs (2), Robbie Bell (2)
Conversions: Todd Grant (5)
Best Players: Ben Maggs, Todd Grant, Ryan Nielsen

1st XV
Old Collegians 38 v Adelaide University 17
Tries: Stewart Douglas (2), James Hall, Chris Bartlett (2), Christian Tedge
Conversions: Juan Pablo Aguiar (4)
Best Players: Rory Sheppard, Sandy Taylor, Jack Campion


18th July

1st XV: Woodville 10 v OC 12; Tries: Juan Pablo Aguiar, Leigh Rebbeck; Conversion: Juan Pablo Aguiar; Best Player: James Hall

2nd XV: OC 22 v Southern Suburbs 0; Tries: John Muchin, Charlie Neate, Robbie Bell; Conv: Todd Grant Penalties: Todd Grant (2)

3rd XV: Woodville 10 v OC 15;

Women's XV: OC 20 v Uni 0 (forfeit)

U18s: Vikings 0 v OC 58

U14s: Burnside 39 v OC 0


11th July

1st XV: OC 49 v Elizabeth 6
2nd XV: OC 6 v Brighton 55
3rd XV: OC 24 v Elizabeth 19
4th XV: OC forfeited to Brighton
Women's XV: Southern Suburbs 0 v OC 5
   Best Players: Tara Naige, Sarah Mitchelson, Ashleigh Smith; Try: Bec Manson


20th June 2009

U8s Oc 4 trys v Vikings 8 trys
U10s Oc 65 v Vikings 5
U12s Oc 48 v Vikings 5
U14s Oc 5 v Vikings 45
U16s Oc 0 v Vikings 59
U18s Oc 7 v Brighton 33


13th June 2009

2nd XV: OC 24 v Barossa Rams 3
Best Players: Alex Berce, Chris Bartlett, Darcy Pfitzner
Tries: Sam Oughton, Alex Berce, Ryan Nielsen, Tom Alexander
Convs: Todd Grant (2)

3rd XV: OC21 v Brighton 28
Best Players: Will McLeay, Derek Lewis, Tim Chew
Tries: Will McLeay (2), Charlie Neate
Convs: Mike Otty (2) Pen: Mike Otty
College Cup: Will McLeay

4th XV: OC 7 v Barossa Rams 29
Best Players: Roberts, Bohlmann, L Bowley, Osborne
Try: Andrew Bohlmann
Convs: Graham Raymond

Women's XV: OC 24 v Southern Suburbs 24
Best Players: Bec Manson, Kate Reynolds, Geraldine Haese
Tries: Geraldine Haese, Tara Naige, Kate Reynolds, Amy Perfors
Convs: Tara Naige (2)

Under 18s: Forfeit by Onkaparinga

Under 16s: NEDS 41 v OC 17

Under 14s: NEDS 80 v OC 0

Under 12s: NEDS 53 v OC 0
Best Players: Alex Kambanaros, Seb Thompson,
Charlie Pickford, Rhys Frew

Under 10s: NEDs 10 v OC 45

Under 8s: NEDS 50 v OC 45


30th May 2009

1st XV: Burnside 25 v OC 12
Best Player: Chris Bartlett
Tries: Chris Bartlett, Juan Pablo Aguiar
Conv: Tim Wonders
Our condolences to Ben Suttell who broke his leg in the game

2nd XV: Burnside 27 v OC 31
Best Players: Todd Grant, Alex Berce, Sam Oughton

3rd XV: OC22 v Elizabeth 19
Best Players: Lenny Eilers, Leon Bowley, Derek Lewis

4th XV: Burnside 58 v OC 5

Women's XV: OC 60 v Port/Burnside 10
Best Players: Nadia Blake, Kate Reynolds, Liz Dean
Tries: Kate Reynolds (2), Tara Naige (4), Nadia Blake, Sarah Mitchelson, Kim Evans, Alyce Brewis
Convs: Tara Naige (5)

Under 18s: OC 39 v Vikings 17
Tries: Laurendi, Hopkinson, Sallis, Macklin,Wagstaff and van Altena
Best players: Hopkinson, Macklin, van Altena,Wagstaff and Linder-Patton

Under 16s: Burnside 55 v OC 0

Under 12s: Burnside 38 v OC 0
Best Players: Harry Warner, Nathan Ilic, Jarod Sortini, Lucas Sortini


23rd May 2009

Under 8s
OC 0 v Burnside 10
OC 10 v Southern Suburbs 10

Under 10s
OC 0 v Burnside 10
OC 10 v Southern Suburbs 10

Under 12s
OC 10 v Southern Suburbs 29

Under 14s
OC 5 v Southern Suburbs 44

Under 16s
OC 0 v Southern Suburbs 70

Under 18s
OC 31 v Southern Suburbs 12

3rd XV
OC 41 v North Torrens 10
Best Players: Jo Suttell, Mike Otty, Jono Gill

2nd XV
OC 60 v Southern Suburbs 7
Best Players: Wayne Power, Ashwin Thomas, Tom Alexander
Tries: Sean Kordic (2), Ashwin Thomas, Todd Grant, Robbie Bell (2), Juan Aguiar (2), Darcy Pfiztner, Tom Alexander
Convs: Todd Grant (5)

1st XV
OC 41 v Southern Suburbs 19
Best Players: Simon Burmester, Ben Suttell, Tim Wonders
Tries: Luke Bailey (2), Rory Sheppard, Peter Cross
Convs: Ben Suttell (3)
Penalties: Ben Suttell (5)
College Cup: Ben Suttell


16th May 2009:

Premier Grade
Adelaide University 6 v Old Collegians 43

Tries: Paul Reynolds (2), Sandy Taylor, Leigh Rebbeck (2), James Hall (2)
Convs: Ben Suttell (4)

Best Players: Paul Reynolds, Luke Bailey, James Hall

A much better game than the disappointing performances of the last few weeks but there is still plenty left to work on for the coming weeks. We noted with interest the number of boys who used to play in our lower grades taking the field for Uni - these fixtures are starting to feel like reunions!

Reserve Grade
Adelaide University 7 v Old Collegians 55

Tries: John Muchan, Ashwin Thomas (2), Leon Bowley, Sam Oughton, Peter Brady, Andrew Burgess, Robbie Bell, Tom Alexander
Convs: Todd Grant (5)

Best Players: John Muchan, Todd Grant, Ryan Nielsen

Third Grade
Onkaparinga 21 v Old Collegians 26

Tries: Will McLeay, Juan Aguiar (2), Jono Gill
Convs: Mike Otty (3)

Best Players: Mike Otty, Joe Suttell, Juan Aguiar

This was a tough, hard game against a strong opposition with a big forward pack. Onkaparinga's Premier Grade had a bye and they have had to withdraw their Reserve Grade entirely due to lack of players, which meant that this weekend their Third Grade was a bit more daunting than expected. Nevertheless, we played to our game plan and it worked. Well done to all!

Fourth Grade
Adelaide University 5 v Old Collegians 24

Tries: Aisea Raikiwasa (2), Lawrence Hartney, Joe Bradford
Convs: Graham Raymond (2)

Best Players: Aisea Raikiwasa, Andrew Ory. Joe Bradford

Women's Grade
Adelaide University 0 v Old Collegians 22

Tries: Kim Evans, Kate Reynolds (2), Amy Perfors
Conv: Elena Casciano

Best Players: Max Moran, Kate Reynolds, Tahlia Parrish

This game marked our first points on the board and our first win for the year. We still could have done better; the first half ended with the score at 0 - 0 and we were forgetting some basic stuff. A number of our more experienced players were unavailable due to injury and work commitments, but our new players are coming on in leaps and bounds and the second half was much better than the first; Rob's drills are paying off. It is great to have Uni back in the comp, but until their numbers improve they'll continue to be propped up by volunteers from the two other teams who've already played a full game that morning.


9th May 2009:

1st XV: OC 13 v Woodville 18;
Tries: L Rebbeck, S Douglas
Pen: T Wonders
Best Player: Paul Reynolds
College Cup: Will Mellor

2nd XV: OC 15 v Southern Suburbs 19;
Tries: R Neilsen, B Suttell
Pen: B Suttell Conv: B Suttell
Best Player: Darcy Pfitzner

3rd XV: OC 38 v Woodville 20;

Women's XV: OC 0 v Southern Suburbs 17;
Best Players: Kate Reynolds, Sarah Mitchelson, Kim Evans

Under 18s: OC 24 v Vikings 14

Under 16s: OC 0 v Vikings 89

Under 14s: OC 5 v Vikings 51

Under 12s: OC 30 v Vikings 15;
Tries: N Ilic (2), S Gear, N Litchfield, J Colwell, A Kambanaros

Under 10s: OC 60 v Vikings 0

Under 8s: OC 30 v Vikings 40


25th April 2009:

1st XV
Elizabeth 7 v OC 23
Tries: L Bailey, P Cross, A Taylor
Pens: T Wonders (2)
Conv: T Wonders
Best Players: P Cross, J Collins, R Sheppard

2nd XV
Burnside 14 v OC 32
(other details TBC)

3rd XV
Elizabeth 20 v OC 12
Tries: J Foster (2)
Conv: G Raymond
Best Players: J Munchan, J Foster, M Otty

4th XV
Burnside 78 v OC 5
Best Players: L Hartney, S Roberts, L Cooney

Women's XV
Port/Burnside 5 v OC 0
(other details TBC)

U8s Elizabeth 50 Old Colls' 40

U10s Old Colls' 60 Elizabeth 10

U12s Elizabeth Forfeit

U14s Old Colls' Forfeit

U16s Elizabeth Forfeit but game played and score was Old Colls' 45 Elizabeth 5

U18s Old Colls' 79 Elizabeth 10


18th April 2009:

1st Grade: OCs 77 v Onkaparinga o
Best Players: Luke Bailey and Chris Bartlett

A great start to our season, although perhaps not against the most ferocious or organised opposition. A big round of applause goes to Chris Bartlett who won the College Cup for scoring five tries in the senior rugby debut!

2nd Grade: OCs 20 v Onkaparinga o by forfeit

Under 18s: OCs 12 v Onkaparinga 50 (?)
A good effort given we only had 13 on the pitch




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