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30th June 2001: University at Waite

Old Collegians 104 v Uni 3
Tries: refer to the match report
9th June: Onkaparinga at Tregenza
Old Collegians 55 - Onkaparinga - 5
Tries: P. McFadden, A. Beare 2, K. Tavui, S. Gough, D. Rouse, S. Douglas, J. Walton.
Conv: S. Douglas 5
Best: S. Reynolds, A. Elliot, A. Beare

April 7th: Port Adelaide at Tregenza

Old Collegians 12 - Port Adelaide 22
Tries: Conv's: Bloxham
The less said about this game, the better. Port Adelaide were the better team on the day, and well deserved the victory.

March 31st: Onkaparinga at Onkaparinga

Old Collegians 39 - Onkaparinga 12

Tries: Reynolds (x3), Bloxham, Fidali, Austin (x2)
Conv's: Bloxham (x2)
Another outstanding performance by what must be our best back line in years. We're back doing the things that Rob has been espousing since training commenced. On the negative side we still turned over too much ball to aggressive rucking by opposition.

March 24th : Elizabeth at Womma

Old Collegians 41 - Elizabeth 5

Tries: Czeglik, Gunn, Suttell, Bloxham, Gough, Fullager, Williams.
Conv's: Bloxham (x3)
Our forwards more than equalled Elizabeth's, whilst our backs outclassed the opposition.



June 9th: Onkaparanga at Tregenza
Old Collegians 15 - Onkaparinga 8

April 7th: Port Adelaide at Tregenza
Old Collegians 53 - Port Adelaide 12

March 31st: Onkaparinga at Onkaparinga
Old Collegians 12 - Onkaparinga 31

March 24th : Elizabeth at Womma
Old Collegians 14 - Elizabeth 25



June 9th: Roseworthy at Tregenza
Old Collegians 44 - Roseworthy 7

April 7th: Brighton (2's) at Tregenza
Old Collegians 41 - Brighton 3
It's great to see so many 'legends' out on the pitch together, all of them clearly enjoying their rugby. The scores speak for themselves - the Crocs are pulverizing their opposition and have yet to be seriously challenged. They are perched on top of the table, and look likely to stay there. So far, they can proudly claim to be the club's class act this year - with arguably more talent than any other two teams combined. There are a host of fantastic individual performances, which shall go unproclaimed in this forum - we instead leave the stories and accolades where they belong, told by the lads themselves around the bar.

March 31st: Roseworthy at Roseworthy
Old Collegians 60 - Roseworthy 7

March 24th : North Torrens at North Torrens
Old Collegians 67 - North Torrens 0



April 7th: Burnside at Tregenza
Old Collegians 17 - Brighton 22
Tries: Kate Reynolds, Tiana Hume, Beck the Blond
Conv's: Kiwi Beck

March 31st: University at Onkaprainga
Old Collegians 15 - University 29
Tries: Zoe Woodstock., Kim Evans, Esme Thomas

March 24th : Southern Suburbs at Bailey
Old Collegians 24 - Sourthern Suburbs 5
Tries: Kim Evans, and one each to the three Beck's
Conv's: Kiwi Beck (x2)



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