Old Collegians Rugby Union Club



Jason Hopton

In a letter to Syd Felheim in April 1974, Jason mentioned that " ... I was actually elected president (of the club) in 1948 but left for overseas soon after ..." and also that he then had "two lads playing with the Waratahs".

Later in the month to the then secretary, Captain G.J. Adler, in acknowledgement of Jason's appointment as an honorary vice-president, he stated that "I feel a personal interest in this club which I joined 27 years ago (in 1947) when there was no bank balance, a borrowed ground, a full team sometimes but a wonderful club spirit - this does come out still at times."

David Biven, who played for Collegians' in 1971 to 1974, and is Jason's nephew, says that after the 1939-45 War he sailed on the Passat clipper from Wallaroo to England around Cape Horn before returning to Australia.