Old Collegians Rugby Union Club


Club Committee 1955

Source: Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Old Collegians Rugby Club held at the Hotel Rundle on Tuesday February 15th at 8.00pm; Minutes of the Committee Meeting held at the office of H.N. Hirst Thursday March 17th.

Patron Mr. J.A.Dunning
Vice Patrons Rev. W.R. Ray, M. P.C.W. Disney
President H. Hirst
Vice Presidents C. Runge, G. Allen, L. Perkins, G. Harvey, J. Kennedy, A. Kerr-Grant
Hon. Members J.B. Heineman, Warren Carter, Gordon Abbott, Geoff Hone
Hon. Secretary J.T. Clarke
Hon. Assistant Secretary Rev. R. Witt
Hon. Treasurer G. Lane
Hon. Assistant Treasurer  
Management Committee D. Rogers, S. Feldheim, P. LeMercier, G. Hone, J. Hughes, N. Hicks-Hall
Committee Members  
Hon. Club Registrar  
Hon. Club Solicitor  
Club Captain  
Coaches Rev H.A. Witt, assisted by G. Allen
Team Selectors Coach, Captain & Vice-Captain of the "A" Grade Team





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